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He needs one of these powerchairs to get him moving and The Turbo Trust wants to help him get it.

Kenzie is 7 years old. Due to a brain injury, he cannot control his limbs well enough to walk, and has to be pushed around by others.

He doesn’t want to be pushed around – would you?

Some friends suggested he should start playing powerchair football, and they lent him a powerchair. He really enjoys being able to go where he wants and let off steam. But that was only for 2 hours a week. So they are trying to get him his own chair for every day.

When he tried out a SnapDragon powerchair he set off down the road to the shop.

Then we changed the seat to a standing frame and he went into his kitchen and looked in the fridge. He raised himself high up and gave his mum a hug, really close and cuddly. We cried.

Now we need to raise over £23,000 to get this amazing piece of equipment for him. This includes all the costs of maintaining it and refitting the seat and stander for 5 years. Kenzie will grow, so this is really important.

Visit the “Get Kenzie Moving” facebook group to see Kenzie.

Text “KENZ00 £10” to 70070 to join us. Every £10 helps. THANK YOU

Leroy was born in South Africa in 2003.

He has cerebral palsy. This affects all four limbs.

He cannot walk or propel himself physically. He was adopted by his mother, Catherine, when he was 4 and brought to the UK. He is a happy fellow with a winning smile, who now has a little sister and lives a comfortable family life, but is totally dependent on others to move him about.

Until he tried the SnapDragon he had never been able to go against what others decide for him, or express himself by choosing where he wants to be or what he wants to do by movement. His personal autonomy and expectations of what he can do for himself would be massively increased by having a powerchair to get about in. Without this experience as a child he will have great difficulty achieving independence in adult life.

His mother has decided that the SnapDragon from Dragonmobility would provide the best kind of mobility for Leroy. This would include specially positioned controls with large switches that he can slap to move up and down, and a joystick with a specially shaped knob for directional movement. The customised seating needed to allow him to use his arms and hands effectively will be essential to this, and Dragonmobility have long experience of seating and mobilising children like Leroy successfully.

Leroy’s mother needs to raise over £20,000 including accessories to afford to give him this freedom. She has applied to the Turbo Trust for a grant, and we are committed to helping them.

In Jan 2014, £2,750 has been raised towards the £16,420 Leroy needs to be able to place the order.

Visit his Justgiving page at: