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We are a registered charity whose primary purpose is to raise funds to help people with severe mobility impairments buy specialised, high-performance powerchairs.

We help fund powerchairs for individuals of all ages, starting at the earliest age that children are normally mobile (i.e. before the age of 2), and enabling them to live ordinary lives with their able-bodied peers and take control of their lives increasingly as others do.

We are associated with Dragonmobility, a Cambridge-based, social enterprise that manufactures bespoke, ultra-versatile powerchairs, namely the SnapDragon and the Dragon.

Founded by Dan and Lou Everard, inspired by their daughter Ruth, they have progressively developed the business based on a thorough understanding of the physical and emotional needs of powerchair users like her.

‘‘When Dan and I were first told our daughter wouldn’t ever walk, my first thought was ‘Oh dear, she’ll never win Wimbledon’. This was only part of the parental dream that was shattered in that moment,’’ recalls Lou.

‘’Fortunately, Dan is a brilliant design engineer and inventor. He was able to provide her with an amazing powerchair before she was two years old and she grew up with her own ideas of what she wanted to do, went to ordinary schools with able-bodied children and read law at Oxford University. She is now a trained lawyer and the Operations Director of the Dragonmobility Project. She is in full time work and living completely independently – in total control of her own life. Dan now has over 30 years experience of powerchair design, specialising in seating and customisation to empower even the most severely disabled people we come across.’’

At The Turbo Trust, our vision is see all mobility-impaired children in the UK provided with appropriate mobility – including a really good powerchair, if necessary – at the age of 2, and for that provision to continue throughout their lives.

This is an expensive project. Through our fundraising efforts, we aim to enable individuals and their families to make their own lifestyle choices, in the belief that disability should not be a limiting factor to a person’s capabilities and achievements.

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