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Anna Ball (Chairperson)

Anna has been a trustee of the Turbo Trust since 2011 and serves on the grant committee. She has a primary age daughter and is also involved with a variety of school-related activities. Before becoming a mum, Anna worked in the domicilliary care sector for over 12 years both as a carer and a manager. She is awaiting the results of her honours degree in Psychosocial Studies at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, in which she has made special study of disability-related issues. Anna will begin her MA in Social Work in autumn 2014.

Lou Everard (Correspondent/Treasurer)

Lou acts as liaison trustee between Dragonmobility and the Turbo Trust and is the person you will speak to if you call the Turbo Trust. She started her professional career as a psychiatric social worker and has also worked in hospice and university administration, as well as being mother to Ruth, Sam and Alice and husband to Dan. She is a director of Dragonmobility and has been working as a specialist in powered mobility since 1983.

Sheila Glasswell

Sheila is a retired primary school teacher, with many creative talents. She serves with Anna on the grant committee. She is mother of four, and grandmother to many! Her older daughter was Ruth Everard’s best friend at primary school and she has observed at first hand what a difference really good powered mobility makes to the prospects of people with disabilities.